Welcome... Were Glad To Have You Hear

Welcome... We're Glad To Have You Hear!

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At Great To Hear, located in Woodbridge, Vaughan we provide 10 Retirement homes (Richview Manor pictured above), and counting, with our Award Winning Service.   We also provide house call visits for those who need it. Over the years we've driven up and down the streets ...
This Is A Milestone Year For Us... Get Ready

This Is A Milestone Year For Us... Get Ready!

   Cue in music from the Bee Gees and Gloria Gaynor because our Award Winning Hearing Clinic, Great To Hear, is celebrating its 5th year anniversary!   With a combined 20 years of industry experience, our team is very pleased with the way the clinic is operating.  ...
Oh What A Night

Oh, What A Night!

"And the Winner is... GREAT TO HEAR" -Maurizio Bevilacqua, Mayor of Vaughan.   It was in that very moment all 3 of us were in complete awe as a 1000 plus people began to cheer us on.  "Don't Trip, Don't Trip" is all I remember saying to myself as we began to ...