See What It's Like To Be Inside Our Sound Proof Booth (VIDEO)

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A hearing test is probably the easiest test to take in health care.  Seriously,  all you have to do is press a button when you hear the tone/sound.
 At Great To Hear, located in Woodbridge, Vaughan, we provide our clients with a thorough hearing test.  We also have a digital state-of-the-art otoscope so when we look inside a person’s ears...they can see their eardrum on the TV screen in our private room.

All hearing tests are complimentary.  This includes a free consultation to discuss results and, if requested, a demonstration using our wide selection of hearing aids.  We will gladly answer any questions you may have for yourself or for someone else.  We're here to help!

For more info browse our videos or give us a call: 9058507997