Teaching The Students

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Teaching The Students
"I am very glad that Kris's talk to your class was received so positively. He is a great person and has been a wonderful placement supervisor for a number of years. I know he wanted very much to share his unique viewpoint on our industry. I would be happy to help facilitate his presenting next year if he is keen to do so."

Debra Sandlos, M.H.Sc., Cert. AVT, Reg. HIS
Professor, Hearing Instrument Specialist Program
George Brown College

At Great To Hear we love to pay it forward each year by taking on students/interns and welcoming them into our family.  We provide unique hands-on training along with the business and marketing side of things.  

Upon completion, we go to bat for our students/interns to ensure they find the perfect career best suited for their needs.  To date, we've proudly educated and trained many young professionals who are working in the industry.  
Please email all cover letters and résumés to: Kris@GreatToHear.ca
Your Future Awaits!