This Is A Milestone Year For Us... Get Ready!

This Is A Milestone Year For Us... Get Ready!

Cue in music from the Bee Gees and Gloria Gaynor because our Award Winning Hearing Clinic, Great To Hear, is celebrating its 5th year anniversary!


With a combined 20 years of industry experience, our team is very pleased with the way the clinic is operating.  Considering that there are a few hearing clinics (owned by 3 major corporations) who've opened on our street since we started, we’re proud to still be the go-to Hearing Clinic in Woodbridge, Vaughan! 

As a completely independent hearing clinic we sell and repair ALL BRANDS of hearing aids, and provide our clients with Award Winning Service that includes:

Free Hearing Test
Free Consultations
Plenty of Parking
Award Winning Products
Great Prices

Best Espressos

Years Of Friendship

…and much more!  We are not your ordinary hearing clinic, so you'll have to come in and experience just what it is that makes us so different.  With clients from all over Ontario, some who drive a few hours to get here, will all agree that our Audibel Hearing Aids are amazing, and our service is worth the commute.  


In Italian we say, "Cent'anni!" Which basically translates to, "Here's to 100 years more!"  

Thanks for choosing us :D

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