Welcome... We're Glad To Have You Hear!

Welcome... Were Glad To Have You Hear!

At Great To Hear, located in Woodbridge, Vaughan we provide 10 Retirement homes (Richview Manor pictured above), and counting, with our Award Winning Service.


We also provide house call visits for those who need it. Over the years we've driven up and down the streets of Vaughan before Uber was Uber...


You could say if someone were to shine an “Ear Symbol” in the sky...we'd show up. I mean after all we are Super Hearo's!


But after a long day travelling in the hearing mobile, and the fight against hearing loss is taken care of, there's no place we would rather be than back at the “Ear Cave”...okay fine, our hearing clinic is located in the Mandarin plaza...thus,


Clinic, Sweet Clinic!